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The Zero Room is a Los Angeles based podcast addressing weekly news and issues relating to the entertainment industry. If there is a spaceship, a robot, some type of laser cannon, a superhero, a supervillain, a talking car, a phase-inverted plasma stream, a ghost, a monster, a zombie, or time travel (especially time travel) involved, we will cover it. This is the Zero Room guarantee.
Zero Room 012 : UNIT - Keeping The World Safe Zero Room 012: UNIT - Keeping the world safe

This weeks news:

Diablo III announced
Ghostbusters Game, sans the Keymaster.
Schwartzman and Imperioli join new series
Just Say No To Robin
Apatow does Sherlock Holmes
The "new" Prisoner series
Mark Millar to do Superman?
The Weekend Numbers

Finally we dive head long into the whackness that is the Series four finale of Doctor Who - Journey's End.

Oh! and check out the spiffy new logo!

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