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The Zero Room is a Los Angeles based podcast addressing weekly news and issues relating to the entertainment industry. If there is a spaceship, a robot, some type of laser cannon, a superhero, a supervillain, a talking car, a phase-inverted plasma stream, a ghost, a monster, a zombie, or time travel (especially time travel) involved, we will cover it. This is the Zero Room guarantee.
Zero Room 095 : Live Free or Die Hard

This week we say goodbye to Robert Culp and 24. Talk a bit about the Scott Pilgrim trailer and the upcoming downfall of the Paul W.S. Anderson Buck Rogers film. Also some listener mail which leads into some really nerdy Doctor Who talk. All that plus Best and Worse and talk about the best episode of Lost this season. 

Opening Quote from : The Greatest American Hero

Opening Music : Eve of Destruction

Closing Music : Johnny Quest Theme

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Zero Room 094 : Is That A Mass Effect in Your Pocket?

This Week on the Zero Room : 

Chris Evans and Captain America

Jango Fett meets Green Lantern

Warner Brothers to use DC Heroes for upcoming tentpole pics in 3D!

also we talk FX's new show Justified and the new video game Mass Effect 2. 

Plus more...

Opening Quote from : Mass Effect 2

Opening Music : Can't Get Enough of Your Love. 

Closing Music : The Illusive Man - From the ME2 Soundtrack

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Zero Room 093 : Trailer Fight

It's on! Doug and Jose battle this week about virtually everything including the Iron Man/Tron trailers (Robin Hood is in there too), Captain America casting and can a heavy african american actress get work in hollywood? Also some GDC talk about Sony's Move device and come comments about Fable 3. Oh yea, we talk about this weeks episode of Lost and Best and Worst including the Blur Multiplayer Beta and the end of Big Love. 



Opening Quote from : Iron Man 2 Trailer 

Opening Music : Iron Man by the Cranberries

Closing Music : Tron Music by Daft Punk

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Zero Room 092: Ten Pack A Day Habit

Jose is on his deathbed but that doesn't stop he and Doug from bringing you this episode of the Zero Room. Oscars, Doctor Who, Lost and Video Game talk galore! Enjoy. 


Opening Quote from : Chris Rock at the Oscars 

Opening Music : Songs From An American Movie - Everclear

Closing Music : Feeling Good - Muse


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Zero Room 091 : Comic Book Casting Confidential

Comic Book Movie Casting Time! Also, Nolan could run the DC Universe (not), Who's going to direct The Flash, Mass Effect 2 talk and more 


Opening Quote from : Deadwood 

Opening Music : Pirates of the Caribbean

Closing Music : Superman : The Movie


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