The Zero Room
The Zero Room is a Los Angeles based podcast addressing weekly news and issues relating to the entertainment industry. If there is a spaceship, a robot, some type of laser cannon, a superhero, a supervillain, a talking car, a phase-inverted plasma stream, a ghost, a monster, a zombie, or time travel (especially time travel) involved, we will cover it. This is the Zero Room guarantee.
Zero Room 010 : No Pod Necessary Double digits!
Jose and Doug celebrate their tenth episode by commenting on the week’s news items, including Robotech, Ridley Scott’s take on the legend of Robin Hood, the weekend box office numbers, and the blockbuster third installment of the Mummy franchise. EW publishes their 100 New Classics list, which somehow does not include Babylon 5, and the UK airing of Doctor Who’s “Turn Left” is discussed. A fart button is proposed, deliberated, and vetoed.

We've also switched from the old and busted mp3 format to AAC so now you get some enhancement to go along with your audio. Which really means pictures and links.

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