The Zero Room
The Zero Room is a Los Angeles based podcast addressing weekly news and issues relating to the entertainment industry. If there is a spaceship, a robot, some type of laser cannon, a superhero, a supervillain, a talking car, a phase-inverted plasma stream, a ghost, a monster, a zombie, or time travel (especially time travel) involved, we will cover it. This is the Zero Room guarantee.

This week on the show:  

Slow News Week ALERT!!! - Not a lot going on this week so we fill the week’s conversation with discussion about the new Ghostbuster trailer, JGL exits Sandman, Roland and Randal are cast in the The Dark Tower and some talk about the future of video game consoles.  

Also Best and Worst of the Week

Hosts : Doug and Jose 

Opening Quote : From the album “The War of the Worlds” - by Jeff Wayne

Opening Music : “The Eve of War” - Jeff Wayne

Closing Music : “The Artilleryman and the Fighting Machine” by Jeff Wayne

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